General Dashboard Cover Product Information

Coverking Dashboard Covers are available in Custom Tailored and Molded designs.  Custom Tailored Dashboard Covers are available in Polycarpet, Velour, and Designer Prints Velour.  Molded Dashboard Covers are available in a special thermo-formed molded carpet.

Dashboard Covers have existed for almost 40 years.  They were designed to protect the dashboard from cracking and warping from extreme heat.  Over the years, many vehicle manufacturers have improved the materials used in dashboards. resulting in fewer cases or premature cracking.  However, warping and discoloration still result from extreme heat, especially in the southern sunbelt states.  However, over the years new applications for Dashboard Covers have been identified.  Chief among these are the anti-glare protection a darker colored Dashboard Cover provides.  Many modern vehicle interiors are a light shade of tan or gray, and produce such a strong reflection from the sun glare that safe driving is jeopardized.

Coverking has again pioneered an advancement in this market by introducing an entire line of molded carpet Dashboard Covers.  By molding the carpet to the exact shape of a dashboard, the fit, protection and look is complete.  Tailored dashboard covers are also designed for a perfect fit, but there are some physical restrictions brought by tailoring that are better served by a molded material.  For this reason, Coverking has been amassing molds for virtually all popular vehicles.  We suggest you first lookup a Molded Dashboard Cover, and look for a tailored version only if the molded application does not exist.

Coverking Dashboard covers are SRS Airbag compliant and available in several colors, and 3 fabrics.

You can find more information about Coverking Dashboard covers here.

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