General Seat Cover Product Information

Coverking Seat Covers are available in Coverking Custom Fit.  Seat Covers are designed to protect the original seat upholstery from various hazards, add style, and cover up any existing damage.  

Because a vehicle seat is exposed to such varied uses and potential damage, Coverking has selected several fabrics - each with their own qualities, protection levels, and price segments.  Coverking insists on the best fit possible, given the constraints of easy installation.  Coverking utilizes the latest computer design and manufacturing techniques to provide the ultimate fit and protection.  Special care is taken to assure airbag compliance - so much, that Coverking has had its seat covers tested in an actual vehicle airbag deployment test.  All Coverking seat covers are designed to be installed in less than half an hour, by basically slipping over the original seat - the seat covers can similarly be quickly removed, cleaned, and re-installed.

Unfortunately, many companies sell 'custom' seat covers, which are a far cry from Coverking's fit.  Some shortcuts used include a generic cutout for all possible controls, using different materials for the back or sides of the seat cover, and simply using sub-standard or OR 'over-run' fabrics. 

If you have further questions on Coverking seat covers, please don't hesitate to ask.  We have also included detailed material information for all our seat cover fabrics.

You can find more detailed information about Coverking Seatcovers here.

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