General Vehicle Cover Product Information

Coverking Car Covers are available in Coverking Custom Fit and Universal Fit.  Covers are designed to protect the vehicle from various hazards.  Some Coverking covers are designed to provide style while protecting from dust and other hazards.

When a new vehicle is released to the public, we dispatch a team of pattern designers who take measurements all over the car.  We then make a sample cover, go back to test fit it, make adjustments and repeat the process until we are satisfied we have a perfect fit.   Coverking is unique in the level of CAD equipment used to ensure the best possible fit, as well as our pattern library.  Coverking is one of the largest suppliers to OE (factory) car cover programs.  Some of the leading luxury and sports car manufacturers and tuners turn to Coverking for their private label car covers.

When a customer of ours orders, we manufacture the cover using the CAD pattern created from the aforementioned process.  Virtually all Coverking Custom Car Covers are manufactured in our Anaheim, California factory.  Universal covers are made in China.  Coverking Custom Car Covers are made one at a time, after the customer places an order.  They truly are a made to order, custom product.  Some of our competitors sell "Semi-Cutom" car covers as if they were custom.  These companies use a handful of designs to provide a close fit, unfortunately it is a far cry from a Coverking Custom Fit.  

You can find more detailed information of Coverking Vehicle Cover Here.

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