My new Coverking Dash Cover does not lay flat on the dash - what should I do?

In a word – Wait! It’s usually a result of them being packed and shipped. These wrinkles or creases should come out during the first few days of use, especially if the vehicle is left in the Sun for an extended period of time. The heat from the Sun will help the Coverking Dash Cover conform to your vehicle’s dashboard.

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    Erroll Byrd

    how can I receive the right color and style.i got the wrong one for my truck

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    L Higley

    Sure would like to receive information about using an iron to flatten out my polyester carpet dash cover that has never flattened out to my satisfaction. What heat settings should I use? Will using steam from the iron help. Then, I could finally install it with the Velcro strips.

    Thank you for your attention to this request!