Why are Coverking Dash Covers superior to other dash covers?

Coverking Dash Covers are a superior  Dash Cover  because we use a more sophisticated stitching method we call “Zig Zag“ stitching which allows the material to follow the contours of the dash. Our competitors use a more simplified stitching method which causes the material to lift off the dash causing poor fit.

Coverking Dash Covers are also treated with a U.V. and fire retardant to comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards.  



With all the complexities of the modern vehicle,  with  subtle curved shapes, trays, cup holders, sensors, airbags, and other devices. It is very common for dash cover manufacturers to cut corners on the pattern design, resulting in a mediocre fit.  This also results in dash covers that cover up sensors, cup holders, and other unique devices.  This not only causes a poor fit, it also creates a hazard which can prevent automatic headlights from functioning and airbags from deploying. All Coverking Dash Covers are designed from the original vehicle dashboard using sophisticated software. Therefore, all cutouts, sensors,  cup holders, and airbag openings are studied and the Coverking Dash Cover is designed not to interfere. Making the Coverking Dash Cover a superior product over the competition.

Coverking Dash Covers offer:

  • Effective and long lasting protection for your vehicle’s dash.
  • Resistance to heat, water and UV rays.
  • Precise CAD design to ensure perfect fitment on specific make, model and year vehicle.
  • Wide range of applications, fabrics and styles available.
  • Wide range of range of colors to complement or accent your vehicle's interior.
  • All dash features including curves of dashboard's surface, speakers, light sensors, air vents, air bags, climate control sensors etc incorporated into the design.
  • Great for covering an already cracked or faded dash—breathes life into an old dash.
  • Installs easily with the provided Velcro tabs.
  • Monogramming or embroidery available.
  • One Year Warranty.
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