What material should I select?

Coverking offers arange of materials for your Coverking Dash Cover -

Poly-Carpet:  Poly-Carpet has been our most popular material choice for years. A tough yet attractive polyester carpet which has a lifetime warranty and provides the maximum protection for the dashboard and cuts the most glare. Poly Carpet is available for all Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers in several colors.

Velour:  Luxurious, Smooth, and Elegant, this is the perfect choice for luxury vehicles. It is made of a luxury polyester material with a smooth velour finish. It is also laminated with 3/16th inch high density foam to retain its shape which is also backed by trico to finish the material. Velour is also available in our Coverking Custom Seat Covers, offering a matching interior.

Designer Velour: For an extra touch of personality, with the same basic material as regular Velour, but with exciting Designer Prints, specialize  your Coverking Dash Cover with our plush designer velour. Available in Hawaiian Prints in black, red, and blue, Flames, PinUp Girls, Cheetah, Leopard, and Zebra.

Suede: This material is coated with a patented finish to give it a fine sheen and smooth luxurious finish. This coating allows easy cleaning and an everlasting finish. Coverking Suede Dash Covers are finest dashboard covers anywhere. Available in black, charcoal, gray, and beige.

Molded Dash Cover: Coverking Molded Dash Covers are made from a unique blend of high tech materials that can be molded into the shape of the dashboard itself. Very similar to Poly-Carpet, with a thermo-formable backing. Once molded into shape, the material will hold that shape for life. Our Coverking Molded Dash Covers are formed on an exact replica of your dashboard. It is the sleekest dash cover available.  It will not shrink, warp, or curl, and has no seams or stitching.

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    How well does the 3/16th inch high density foam hold up in the sunny and hot days of the Southwest United States? And is it only on the Velour dashboard covers?