How should I fold and store my Coverking Car Cover?

Do not drag or pull Coverking Car Cover to remove it. Bring all four sides of the cover to the roof area in two-foot increments. Bring the front and the back of the Coverking Car Cover to the center of the vehicle, then roll-up or fold your Coverking Car Cover. After you perform this a few times you will develop a good system. By folding or rolling-up your Coverking Car Cover properly it will make installation much easier.

Note - Do not fold the cover on the ground or on a dirty work bench, as you can pickup lose dirt that could damage your vehicle's finish.

Coverking offers a Drawstring bag and a Duffle bag to help store your Coverking Car. A storage bag is definitely recommended for storing your new cover. A storage bag will protect your cover from dirty, dusty, damp areas. Storing the cover in a folded-up or rolled  fashion (not in a fabric ball) will help with installation and will also free up much needed space, whether it be in the trunk or your garage shelf. A little time saved in the proper storage of the cover will save time in the long run. Coverking storage options can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

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