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Stormproof™ is a revolutionary premium all-weather fabric used by Coverking for our custom car covers.  Stormproof™ is a special ultra-densely woven polyester fabric.  Microfibers are used to create a super-tight, super dense  weave that allows air to pass through, but is too tightly woven to allow water molecules to pass.  Other fabrics on the market have the same 'breathable' quality, but achieve it through treatments or coatings.  Stormproof™ is un-treated, un-coated - so it will always be water repellant and breathable (coated or treated fabrics will lose their breathability after the coating is worn off).     This material is made in Japan.  .

Coverking developed Stormproof™ in-house.  We first made the specification and assembled several tests to benchmark our desire for Stormproof - that was the easy part.  Finding a mill that was capable of weaving such a dense fabric was tougher.  Ultimately, after over 2 years of searching, we found a special technical textile mill in Japan.  After months of trial and error, the mill achieved our desire - and Stormproof™ has been protecting vehicles ever since.  

Coverking uses wax coated thread in overlapped, double stitched seams.  The wax coating expands in the pierced hole created during the stitching process, to help cover the hole.  Once again, some competitors  take the cheaper route by using an ultra-sonic welding of the material instead of sewing.  This process is far cheaper, because it melts the fabric layers together.  It also doesn't use any thread.  Unfortunately, the area melted together becomes very hard and examples of scratching the vehicle surface are not uncommon.

Coverking offers a 4 year repair or replace warranty on custom Stomrproof™ covers. 

stormproof™ can be easily cleaned by washing while on a vehicle.  Use common carwash detergent, and air dry. 

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