Material Information - Autobody Armor™

Autobody Armor™ is an exclusive fabric for car covers, combining some of the super custom stretch fit of Coverking's Satin Stretch™ Covers with the water repellence of Coverking's Stormproof™material.  No other car cover is able to provide such a combination.  After receiving several requests, Coverking took the challenge of combining fit with outdoor protection, and we feel we succeeded - the ultimate proof is the numerous accolades from customers using Autobody Armor™ in the real world. 

Coverking developed Autobody Armor™ in-house.  Unlike Stormproof™, Autobody Armor is a laminate of polyester, lycra™, microporus film and a soft liner.  The trick was perfecting the laminating process, to keep the layers together while maintaining water resistance.  It is much more art than science, and hasn't been equaled yet.

Coverking uses wax coated thread in overlapped, double stitched seams.  The wax coating expands in the pierced hole created during the stitching process, to help cover the hole.  Once again, some competitors  take the cheaper route by using an ultra-sonic welding of the material instead of sewing.  This process is far cheaper, because it melts the fabric layers together.  It also doesn't use any thread.  Unfortunately, the area melted together becomes very hard and examples of scratching the vehicle surface are not uncommon.

Coverking offers a 5 year repair or replace warranty on custom Autobody Armor™ covers. 

Autobody Armor™ can be easily cleaned by washing while on a vehicle.  Use common carwash detergent, and air dry.

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