Material Information - Satin Stretch™

Satin Stretch™ is truly a material with no equal.  

Coverking used to offer a heavy, 100% cotton flannel fabric.  Unfortunately the material would leave lint on many vehicles, especially those with convertible tops.  However there was a strong demand from customers of special custom or exotic vehicles to have a sexy, ultra-soft fabric in several matching colors.  After our regular brain storming session, we approached the fabric mills who made some of the finest lingerie in the industry - we asked them if they could add a special soft inner fleece liner to the fabric, and strengthen the material without losing the softness, shine, and stretch.  What they came out with is amazing.  Since the initial release of Satin Stretch, we've gone a step further and invested our own money to help the fabric mill prepare a special 78" width fabric - this allows almost all patterns to be made with 4 fewer seams, resulting in a purer, uninterrupted fit.  We also re-made patterns for virtually all vehicles in our pattern library to accomodate the extra stretch properties of the material.

To date, thousands of the finest cars in the world are looking as good (we like to think better) than when they are uncovered, thanks to Coverking's Custom Satin Stretch Covers.  recently some unfortunate companies have chosen to purchase a polyester version of this fabric in a 60 inch width - the material they use has nowhere near the shine, softness or stretch of our pure nylon material, but is advertised similarly.  The best way to appreciate our Satin Stretch is to visit our facebook page at, request a material swatch, or ask a customer who has already purchased one.

Satin Stretch is for indoor use only, and will fade if kept in the direct sun.  To clean, we suggest dry cleaning only.  Spot stains can be cleaned with a very diluted mix of Woolite and water.


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