My antenna, doesn’t retract, can I still use a Coverking Car Cover?

Yes, Coverking Custom Car Covers are supplied with a grommet for an antenna, where appropriate. Coverking does not add antenna pockets to many of our custom car fit covers because the pocket could actually cause damage to the antenna, especially in high wind situations or excessive fabric weight on thin, fragile antennas. A small percentage of vehicle applications call for antenna pockets sewn onto the cover because the antenna is non-removable and are generally small enough to be covered without being damaged.Generally, you will receive a two-piece, non-scratch, plastic grommet with your Custom Car Cover that can be used on the cover to help reinforce the area where you can slide the antenna through.

Installation of the grommet is simple and only takes a few minutes - Here's how you install the two-piece antenna grommet on your cover:

  • Remove your antenna, if possible.
  • Cover the vehicle with your Coverking Car Cover.
  • Mark the Coverking Car Cover (with a removable substance such as chalk) at the antenna base location. If you cannot remove the antenna, mark the cover at the antenna base location.
  • Remove the Coverking Car Cover
  • Snap the two-piece grommet onto your Coverking Car Cover from each side at the marked location.
  • Use a knife or blade to make a cut in the fabric inside the grommet.
  • Re-install antenna.

The plastic grommet will hold the fabric tight and keep the hole from enlarging or ripping. When installing your Coverking Car Cover after the grommet is installed, start by placing your antenna inside the grommet, then fold the sides over the mirror pockets, followed by securing the front and rear of the Coverking Car Cover to your vehicle. To remove your Coverking Car Cover, just reverse the process.

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