What's the difference between a Custom Car Cover and a Universal Car Cover?

Custom Car Covers: Custom Car Covers are made specifically to ONE specific vehicle. Many times, several Custom pattern variations are offered for a vehicle - for example; if a vehicle has a rear spoiler, a GPS antenna, etc.

Coverking Custom Car Covers are created through computer aided designs as well as computer aided manufacturing process so that it fits perfectly on the car, truck, or SUV. Because each fabric has different stiffness and stretch, each pattern is modified for the type of fabric used - resulting in well over 100,000 patterns. Because of the wide selection of patterns, fabrics and colors, Coverking has no stock. Beware of companies selling a custom cover from stock - most likely, it is not a true custom fit.

Generally, most custom fit covers have mirror pockets and the cover is cut and sewn to fit your particular model, whereas, semi-custom fit covers can be sloppy fitting with no mirror pockets. Also, there are many more fabric choices available in the custom fit format. The bottom line is, custom fit covers protect and fit much better than semi-custom or universal fit covers.

Universal Car Covers: Universal car covers are usually mass produced, in around three to five sizes, and are supposed to suit all cars or SUVs with these three to five sizes. Obviously, with the small number of sizes, the fit of a universal car cover to this wide range of vehicles will not be any where near as “snug” as a custom cover would be. an objective that is absolutely unrealistic.

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