Why Do I Need a CoverKing Car Cover?

A Coverking Car Cover offers many advantages – here are a few of them:

1)    Coverking Car Covers keep a vehicle's re-sale value higher because the paint and interior will be in better condition when the vehicle is sold.

2)      Thieves and vandals will be less likely to attack a covered vehicle - they can't see what is inside, and they don't want to call attention to themselves while taking off the car cover.

3)      In sunny climates, Coverking Car Covers will keep your vehicle cooler.

4)      Coverking's fit, construction and color choices make the car cover look great.

5)      Less money will be spent detailing a vehicle, because a good car cover will prevent water spots, damage from acid rain and bird droppings, and the paint dulling brought by U.V. rays and blowing sand.

6)      A Coverking Car Cover made from thick materials like Coverbond4 or Autobody Armor will resist minor dings and nicks from pets, children, and light hail.

7)      For people who park their vehicles in long term parking such as airports, a Coverking Custom Car Cover will eliminate the need to pay extra for covered parking.

8)      A Coverking Car Cover helps to maintain that “just washed” look between washes.

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