What material should I select?

Coverking offers 2 grades of carpet on it's line of Custom Floor Mats, and also a line of clear vinyl Protector Mats.

COVERKING Custom Floor Mats can be precision cut in your choice of either 22 ounce or 40 ounce Premium, high density nylon carpet with stain and wear resistance agents added to the carpet fiber.   In addition to the heavy weight nylon carpeting, COVERKING uses a thick, non-slip nibbed backing to effectively prevent slipping.   These one-of-a-kind carpet floor mats are available in range of different carpet colors. 

Clear Vinyl
To keep original factory mats in clean, new condition, Coverking offers Custom Floor Mats cut from Clear Vinyl - the perfect way to prevent rain, mud and snow from affecting the original factory floor mat, while allowing the original color and logo to show through. These mats use the same patterns as Coverking Custom Floor Mats, offering complete protection of the vehicle floorboard. The Clear Vinyl material has nibbed bottom to prevent slipping. They can be used on top of Custom Floor Mats or in place of floor mats.

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