What's the difference between CR-Grade Neoprene and Neosupreme?

What’s the difference and why does is it important to you? It is important because you, the customer, can unknowingly end up paying a lot more for seat covers that do not offer the same level of water penetration protection as you think you are ordering. Our goal is to help educate you so you can avoid that scenario.

CR-Grade is a expensive rubber material that is often used in high-end surfing wetsuits. Many retailers are misrepresenting their so called neoprene seat covers and actually selling a cheaper product for nearly the same cost as our CR Grade Neoprene seat covers. The facts are that many seat covers are being sold under a variety of terms such as "Snugfit", "Neoprene", "Wetsuit" and "Waterproof". However, in many instances these seat covers do not utilize any "CR-Grade" Neoprene at all!

The fact is, many so called "waterproof" or "neoprene" seat covers are actually made from a fabric called "neotex" or “neosupreme” which is used in some, or all the panels of their seat covers. These type of seat covers are not CR-Grade Neoprene. CR-Grade Neoprene seat covers have a expensive CR-Grade Neoprene inner layer with an outer layer top fabric. This CR-Neoprene inner layer is not seen when the seat covers are installed and affords the most waterproof protection available.

Many retailers who are actually selling lower grade neotex or neosupreme seat covers as CR-Grade Neoprene despite the fact that their seat covers do not use any CR-Grade Neoprene in the seat cover.

Coverking’s Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene Seat Covers use genuine CR-Grade Neoprene - not a lower grade. CR-Grade is a expensive rubber material that is often used in high-end surfing wetsuits. It has great water resistance and a pleasing, cushion feel. Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene Custom Seat Covers can be easily spot cleaned or hand washed and air dried. Several two tone colors, including Hawaiian Prints. CR-Grade Neoprene is the best choice for active lifestyles. They are also the easiest seat covers to install.

Coverking's Neosupreme / Neotex™ Custom Seat Covers are made from the same stylish materials used in our Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene covers, minus the actual neoprene rubber material.  What it lacks in layers it makes up for in value, since Neotex offers the same style and a far reduced cost.  Neosupreme/Neotex is a perfect choice for people looking for an all-round material with great style.  It will not stand up to the same level of abuse as genuine neoprene or other materials will, but will certainly be able to protect from minor spills and abrasion.

The fact is, if a company is not specifically noting "Geniune CR-Grade Neoprene" in their seat cover description, there is a reason why that is not being stated. What is being advertised may actualy be a lower line product, otherwise they would clearly advertise their product as Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene.

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    can the neoprene covers me machine washed? maybe on a delicate or hand wash cycle?

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    Mike Roberts

    "The fact is..."  You said that four times.