Material information and cleaning - Spacer Mesh™

Coverking's Spacer Mesh™ material is a value priced material that is surprisingly one of the best fitting fabrics for seat covers.  The unique mesh design is porous, so this is not the choice for liquid repellence.  However, what Spacer Mesh lacks in liquid repellence is more than made up for in ventilation.  Spacer Mesh is an excellent choice for seats with active cooling, and for use in hot and humid conditions.  The unique spacer material cushions the occupant while allowing air to circulate from behind, helping to lessen or prevent perspiration after those long road trips.  Unique and sporty two-tone color combinations, along with the excellent fit, great value and easy installation, make this one of our most popular seat cover choices.

To clean Spacer Mesh Seat Covers, simply remove them and hand wash with a very mild detergent such as Woolite.  Air dry, do not machine dry.  Do not use an iron.


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