Material information and cleaning - Neosupreme / Neotex™

Coverking's Neosupreme / Neotex™ Custom Seat Covers are made from the same style materials used in our Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene covers, minus the actual neoprene rubber material.  Unfortunately, some companies sell Neosupreme/Neotex as if it were Genuine CR-Grade Neoprene - it is not.  Neotex/Neosupreme is a stylish material, but does not have the extra layer of genuine neoprene rubber.  What it lacks in layers it makes up for in value, since Neotex offers the same style and a far reduced cost.  Neotext is a perfect choice for people looking for an all-round material with great style.  It will not stand up to the same level of abuse as genuine neoprene or other materials will, but will certainly be able to protect from minor spills and abrasion.  To see actual customer photos, visit our facebook page:

To clean Neotex/Neosupreme, simply remove them and hand wash with a very mild detergent such as Woolite.  Air dry, do not machine dry.  Do not use an iron.


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    The covers fit and look great. I'm glad to know they are easily washable.

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    Chris DMeidinger

    its good to know the difference in material and how to keep them looking as if they were brand new!!  The Texumbra spray is excellent and works easily as far as keeping the fabric clean!!