I have some modifications to my vehicle - can you make a special cover for my vehicle?

Even though we have thousands and thousands of patterns, sometimes we do not have the pattern available for your specific vehicle, or vehicles have modifications that prevent our patterns from fitting. Sometimes, your vehicle may have modifications that make if different to the “stock” vehicle. Many vehicle manufacturers (and even some dealers) make modifications to vehicles, seats, interiors etc. to a certain number of their vehicles. These can include special-edition vehicles, special packages etc. Even though a vehicle owner has not made any modifications to a vehicle that came directly from the dealer; it still may have modifications.

Coverking is constantly updating the patterns available and usually can develop a pattern for your vehicle even if we do not have a pattern currently available. If you are in the Southern California area and could allow us to have access to your vehicle for 4-6 hours at our facility we could measure your vehicle and develop a pattern from these measurements. It would take approx. 1 week after we measure the vehicle to develop the pattern. If you can not make your vehicle available to us at our Southern California facility, development of a pattern would depend on Coverking being able to find access to a similar vehicle. This process would take approx. 4-6 weeks.

However, if we can not get access to a similar vehicle, we will not be able to develop a pattern for you. Older vehicles are much harder to locate than newer models, so often we cannot develop patterns for these older vehicles.

If you want to have us develop a pattern for your specific vehicle, please contact our Support staff by clicking on the following link:, and we will initiate the process with you.

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