Design Your Own Seat Cover Photo Upload

Coverking's Design Your Own Universal Seat Cover tool allows you to personalize a seat cover using text, symbols, designs, colors, and even upload an image or photo file from your device.


To include a photo in your design, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Choose Photo" icon in the left navigation bar, the "Your Images" panel will slide out from the left.
  2. Under "Your Images", check the box that says you have the rights to use your images and click "upload from your device" to browse for your file.
  3. Browse to the file you want to include and click "Open"
  4. The selected file will be uploaded and added to "Your Image" library.
  5. Click on the photo to add it to the seat cover canvas
  6. You can now position and scale your photo using the handles on the photo in the canvas


If you attempt to scale the photo larger, you may see the following alert:

For print quality, this image cannot be scaled larger. Please upload a higher resolution file to scale larger on product.

This alert indicates that the file you uploaded is too small to scale any larger.  To make the photo larger on your seat cover, you'll need to upload a higher resolution version of your photo.

  • Try uploading the original photo from your camera (before it's been sized down for sharing on the web).  Depending on the contents of the photo and how large you want to display it, this may be a 3-6MB file.
  • If you're building a file from scratch, the pixels per inch (PPI) must be greater than 50 at actual seat cover size.  (20"W x 53"H)
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