How to I install my Coverking sunshield?

Below are the steps to properly install your Coverking sunshield, with the differences in vehicles designs some of the installation procedures may differ. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any issues with your sunshield.    


1. Loosen up the Velcro strap and unroll your Coverking cover. 


2. Place the Coverking cover between the dash and windshield with the silver side facing outward. 8S4B4986.JPG

3. If acceptable fold the Coverking cover around the rear view mirror.  8S4B4988.JPG

4. Fold down the passengers side sun visor to hold the top of you cover in place. 8S4B4989.JPG

5. Make ant necessary adjustments to the cover and hold it it in place with the drivers side sun visor.  



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