How do I install the grommet for my antenna or cable?

The following steps are how to install a antenna grommet, the process will be the same for a lock and cable grommet and other Coverking materials. 

1. Start by removing the factory antenna from the vehicle. 



2. Completely install your new Coverking car cover. Fit the cover starting with the side mirrors first the move to the front and back 



3. After the cover is fully installed mark the location of the antenna with a marker. 



4. Pinch the material and cut a SMALL hole, remember its easier to make the hole a little larger but you cannot make it smaller. 



5. Push the male end of the grommet through the hole, make any alterations you may need to the hole size now.  



6. Press the female end of the grommet onto the male end, the grommet should snap in place. 



7. Reinstall the factory antenna and enjoy your new Coverking cover! 


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