Step by step instructions on how to install a Coverking dash cover

1. Unpack and check fit the Coverking cover, keep in mind the cover will not fit perfectly straight out of the box. You will just be checking for the proper cutouts for things like the defroster, airbag, headlight sensors etc. 



2. Lay the Coverking dash cover out in the sun, this will help form to its intended shape from being folded and rolled into the shipping container.  The longer you allow the product to sit out the easier the install.



3. Included in you Coverking dash cover you will have the male ends of the Velcro, simply turn the cover over and stick them to the stitched in tabs. DO NOT REMOVE THE PAPER BACKING AT THIS TIME.  



4. Position your Coverking cover in place, make sure to tuck the cover into the windshield channel. 



5. Using the provided alcohol pad clean the areas underneath of the Velcro pads. 



6. Peel off the paper backings one at a time and firmly press down to hold for a few seconds to hold them in place.



7. Once you Coverking cover is installed there is no other follow up maintenance to be done, if you need to clean your cover Coverking recommends a spot treatment with a mild detergent and warm water.  


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